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NCSA offers several options for Git repositories.

  • NCSA offers a self-service git server at This is a GitLab setup, similar to GitHub, but hosted locally at NCSA. It allows either public or private repositories, projects, and groups.

OpenSource BitBucket

Subversion (SVN)

Request a New Subversion Repository

  • These directions are for requesting a new Subversion repository for use at NCSA. Send an email to and include the following information:
    • Name you would like for your repository
    • Who will need access to the repository (Kerberos user name)
    • If you would like anonymous read access via viewvc or svnserve

Help using Subversion

Converting a CVS to Subversion Repository

  • Include in the email to the help desk the name of the repository. This is a one way conversion, once it is a Subversion repository, it can not go back to CVS.
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