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NCSA operates a realtime team chat service for it's staff:

To create an account, signup with your email address:

Slack provides for a realtime team communication platform with customizable integrations.


  • open topic channels

  • private team groups

  • direct messages

  • file sharing

  • customizable app integrations with external services

  • searchable archives

  • web, native, and mobile apps


Tips & Etiquette

  • Don’t send multiple messages to unresponsive users
  • Use your words – don’t abuse emojis
  • There is more value when your entire team uses chat
  • Don’t be the “TMI” coworker – avoid oversharing
  • Mention people by @name when appropriate
  • Humor is approved – but you’re not being paid to be a comedian
  • Be civil – don’t let your emotions get the best of you
  • Don’t forget to communicate IRL

Adding Apps & Custom Integrations

Slack is most useful when all your teammates, tools, and work are in one place. By adding apps to Slack, you can connect your most important tools, centralize all your work, and say goodbye to juggling all those windows. 


If you need run into issues or need assistance with NCSAatIllinois Slack, send email to

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