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In an effort to help consolidate the many MySQL servers at NCSA, IT Services provides a production MySQL service. Among other things, MySQL databases are useful for web programming applications and this service gives NCSA a centralized server that goes hand-in-hand with the public webservers.

There are a number of benefits to a centralized mysql server, including redundancy and no longer having to worry about your own MySQL upgrades. In addition to nightly backups of the tables, all data is replicated onto a second MySQL server which can take the place of the first in case of hardware failure.

We are currently limiting the size of new databases to 4 GB.

You can request a new database by sending email to with the following details in the email:

  • Desired name of your database (names can included underscores, but not hyphens)

  • Description of the database's usage

  • List of user accounts that will need access to the database. Include suggested username, database permissions, and host(s) they will be connecting from.


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