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IT Services (ITS) is the small and mid-sized computing arm of NCSA.

As a team we support and operate everything from laptops to mid-sized cloud and storage options for NCSA and its affiliates.  Our goals are to make new services and tools available to NCSA and it's partners in a way that makes them easy to use and operate.  We help NCSA projects succeed in an ever changing computing environment.  That is done by bringing in new tools and services, and extending the existing services to provide better options.  We have a combined 150 years in developing tools and methods to support IT needs and innovative services.  Today that means we run Virtual Machine interfaces from production VMWare to Open Stack for development, and we build solutions that are meant to help make your project work better.

Below are the main services that are provided to NCSA staff, groups, and projects.  Explore a category below or use the search box to find documentation on using these services at NCSA.  If you are unsure of who to contact or are having trouble getting a response please send a note to with a description of your problem.

Current Status of NCSA Services systems and services -

Contact Information:

Service Area

About this service

Email Contact (prefered)




This is all email services.  Including: Zimbra, Mailing Lists and SPAM questions or problems



Client Installation and backup issues



This is all websites that run through the production services.  Including:  This doesn't include content changes or information on the sites.



This only includes the production MySQL setup at NCSA, not setting up or help with other SQL systems.



This includes all permissions, data and interaction with the AFS servers.  Including the



This is for all Kerberos system questions or requests.  It does not include new password or account requests.



This only includes those applications and services on the website.



Includes all wiki requests for new spaces or changes in the way the system is setup.  New users must have Kerberos accounts prior to requests for access to the wiki.


Version Control

Version control tracking (e.g. Git & SVN)



All questions about OTP use or interaction with systems can go to this address.  New users and key problems should go to


Desktop Support

All questions or issues regarding standard desktop/laptop systems should go to this address.


Windows Services

This is for issues or questions regarding Windows File, Print, Active Directory and Accounts services.



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